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The Monster is dangerous, but within the depths of his belly we find Gold!

Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace


Matti Dwyer

Hardened and refined by the journey, Matti brings his experiences making art, running a business, and playing semi-professional futsal and soccer in Savannah, Portland, Melbourne, Italy, Brazil, and Argentina back to his roots in the Midwest, USA with a new appreciation for tradition and homeland.

He’s witnessed 1st hand the implications of unfettered liberal ideology—i.e. if a belief system is intrinsically based off of change/open-mindedness/borderlessness, what are the logical end games of said philosophy given the human proclivity to short term gratification?

While critical of Leftism’s tendency towards dysfunction, he also carries a healthy distrust of tradition for it’s own sake. He challenges dogmatic thought patterns whether they come from ancient religions, or modern ideologies like Science, Marxism, or 3rd Wave Feminism.

He values pragmatic traditions that have proven worthwhile over the course of millenia as a soil from which liberal thought can branch out. Indeed: without the picture plane, there is no painting to ponder; without time-formed stone, there is no sculpture to admire; without the engineered studio, there is no light in which to work.

Left and Right footed shoes are a perfect metaphor for the conflict that brings about growth and renewal.


Footsol provides 3 tiers of service for clients:

  1. Solful Shoes- Upper tier; Most artistic, conceptually investigative, high quality shoe style; Priced $250 & up

  2. Whimsical Shoes- Mid-tier; designed for imagination, color, fun; mid-range quality of shoe style; Priced $150-250

  3. Fanfare Shoes- Base-tier; designed for aficionados of club, country, company, etc.. Often an off-brand shoe style; Priced $80-150

  • Requests for multiples may be eligible for discount

  • See links to the upper left of the page for examples of each Tier