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Shipping Address
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Phone - So we can discuss themes more in depth

Order Notes

Once we’ve received your request, expect a phone call to discuss the themes and confirm an estimated cost. After which, you will deposit half the cost upfront via Venmo or PayPal to show sincerity. We’ll do our best to send progress photos of the designed shoes to allow limited feedback until completed. Shoes will be mailed once final payment has been received. Shipping costs are not included in the estimate and are the responsibility of the client.

Please note that while we do appreciate feedback, you are taking a risk when hiring an artist/designer. Please respect the creative decision process. Footsol Design does not guarantee the subjective satisfaction of the client; we do promise to hold ourselves to a high quality standard to interpret information as best as possible and provide a product that will inspire onlookers to curiosity and fascination.

With that being said, thank you for considering Footsol Design Shoes!! We look forward to working with you!!