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Magic Spells: Seductive Linguistics

"Magic Spells”—mere myth or dramatized description of a deeper reality?
This pair examines the nefarious use of language as a means of ensnaring the unsuspecting mind. Beauty (celebrity), social pressure (political movements), simplified narratives (mob chants), logical loops (misnomers), the hedonic treadmill (addiction), , camouflage (euphemisms), innate proclivities (empathy) can all be used as a means of intellectual control.
Magic spells can alter behavior and move finances from one pocket to another. They can sequester curiosity or misdirect well-intentioned energy.
The key to diminishing their power is to name them--ideally with a funny joke.
Laughter heals many wounds. It is an indicator of understanding and freedom.

Q: Why did the postmodern chicken cross the road?
A: He didn't. . Or, he did, depending on who you ask. . We really ought to examine the chicken power structures.

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