Footsol Design
Shoes with Story




Each Footsol shoe is hand drawn by Matti Dwyer using top quality, waterproof, archival ink pens on canvas. Designing can take from 10-20 hours/pair depending on complexity, shoe size, etc..

After illustration is complete, Matti applies a protective sealant making Footsol shoes durable & machine washable for long-lasting color vibrancy.


Q: What type of shoe do you use?

A: Footsol currently purchases shoes per request. If you have a specific shoe preference/size (e.g. Adidas, Men’s 9.5), let us know, or send it our way for production.

Q: How are shoes priced?

A: We provide an estimate before starting based off of predicted material/time costs. We will begin processing once we both agree to the estimate; we try our best to stay within the specified price range.

Q: What if I can’t afford a pair at the moment, but would like to support the artist?

A: We appreciate any support! Please consider a monthly Patreon donation to help get the company off the ground. See link above to the right.